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The Digital Hessen Strategy


Digitisation puts companies and national economies under great pressure to change, but it is also an indispensable tool in the search for solutions to social challenges such as the energy turnaround and climate protection. Hessen recognises this development as a challenge for political action – and as an opportunity.

The aim of the Digital Hessen Strategy is to exploit the potentials of digitisation with a view to enhancing the quality of life and furthering the sustainable development of the State of Hessen. At the same time, digitisation provides an opportunity to decouple resource consumption and economic development. Digitisation is not an end in itself – it must be to the advantage of society.

The Digital Hessen Strategy was drawn up in close consultation with 500 representatives from industry and trade, the service sector, research facilities and associations. It addresses not only the classical areas of political action, where the State can exercise direct influence, but also the areas of technology and applications, where the State of Hessen acts by providing incentives and support.



Christian Flory
Head of the Office Digital Hessen

Phone: +49 611 95017-8423